Get a service

Some of the services offered by A/I, such as IRC and the anonymity tools, are meant for free use by anyone surfing the Internet, whereas other “personal” services need a registration and the creation of an account with A/I. While registering, we don’t ask you any identifying data apart from an e-mail address where we can send you your activation data (since all requests must be approved of) -- but this can also help you remember how difficult it is to erase all your traces… (We won’t keep track of which email asked us which account, but the provider of the email you are using might…).

All we want from our users is that you share our principles of antifascism, antisexism, antiracism, antimilitarism and non-commercial use. Please, read our policy before you ask for your account.

We would like to make it clear that being hosted in our network does not mean that our services are free of charge: it means that we have chosen a self-managed approach and that we want to stay away from commercial interests and power games. What’s more important, it does not only mean that you can use our services, but also that you should care for the survival of this place. Since keeping these servers implies more than simply maintaining and following them on a daily basis (which we do as volunteers and with no economic rewards at all), we would be grateful if you could make even a tiny donation, to help us sustain the significant expenses for housing, connection, hardware maintenance and so on. Learn how to make a donation to A/I.

If you would like to request an account and/or a service, follow these steps:

1 - Read our policy

Carefully read our policy: requesting one of our services automatically implies that you are accepting the principles expressed in our policy.

2 - Fill in a request form

Go to and fill in the request form for a new service: remember to fill in correctly all boxes and don’t forget to leave us a mail address to contact you if you so wish. We would also be glad to know what you intend to do with the services you are requesting and such things. We care for our users and like to think that they care for us exchanging ideas, plans and projects with A/I.

3 - Wait for a reply

Wait for a confirmation email (or for a refusal, if we think that your request is off policy): together with it we will send you all necessary data and instructions to access your account and your user panel, (where you will find all of the services connected to your account!)

The A/I collective do their best to keep up with incoming requests, so trust us: sooner or later you’ll get an answer…